1. Claudio plays god, 20.Sep.2014

    The city looks empty but is not. The rain is killing all illusions of the summer weather. 


  2. Claudio plays god, 19.Sep.2014

    Claudio thinks he can’t recognize himself, all I see is beauty.


  3. Posters all over, 18.Sep.2014

    Thiago helped me pasting posters all over town, it’s sort of illegal and we were running around, we also pasted some inside of gay bars’ toilets. We drove in our bikes and had a nice tour of Berlin. We even saw bunnies running on the park and a fox came to say hi. 


  4. Matthjias Holland, 17.Sep.2014

    Matt is having an exhibition in London, his work is really cool. We were at the park with Thiago; Ricardo was missing. We are all afraid the sunny Berlin is going to be over soon, some leafs are already turning orange. The rest of the day was DARK. 4 days without sleeping! I am getting scared. 


  5. Chilli con carne, 16.Sep.2014

    The day started soft and gentle, it turned into a hunting. The voice on the phone relaxes me, it puts me to sleep. 


  6. Innocence, 15.Sep.2014

    Watching the same things for days makes the brains affected, I felt on an overdose of surface and sex addiction. Today was so naive, today was about greatness and infinity, about innocence and all those things remained unknown. 


  7. Folsom, 14.Sep.2014

    I have a photo crush with the first guy on this set, he told me his name but I am forgetful! Would like to take pictures of him again. 


  8. Folsom, 13.Sep.2014

    I took pictures for the Folsom webpage. The guys on the festival look like Tom of Finland illustrations. 


  9. Folsom, 12.Sep.2014

    I created this series of BW prints on light pink paper for Folsom Europe, they look great! 


  10. Folsom, 11.Sep.2014

    The guys from the Folsom Festival named me their official photographer and I made a couple of images for their webpage. I will be taking pictures there and I will also have posters for sale. I like gay events. 


  11. Marcel, 10.Sep.2014

    Marcel likes to dream big.


  12. Andreas, 09.Sep.2014

    Am after work meet ended up in falling asleep too soon to realize what was happening. The night was blurry, full of silhouettes.


  13. A reflex, 08.Sep.2014

    We meet and we don’t. 


  14. A view, 07.Sep.2014

    Switching the daylight for bed.


  15. A postcard from Mehringdamm, 06.Sep.2014

    A drag queen show, a holiday feeling and the rain that got our kisses wet.