1. Satany, 18.Oct.2014

    I saw Stany for the last time a week ago, but it already seems like ages. Past and present came together when we spent a few hours doing this and that. He brought a feeling of connection, as if everything exists for a reason and we were part of it. I wish he would live close by, we would have lots of smoke together and pictures here and there. I am hoping to meet him for New Year’s Eve, fingers crossed. 


  2. Marcel, 17.Oct.2014

    We are lost in the universe, the layers that I experienced today were hidden from me before. 


  3. Marcel, 16.Oct.2014

    It’s difficult to find the balance between being a small part of the universe and being your own universe. I feel small. 


  4. Gunnar, 15.Oct.2014

    Waking up to a nightmare is not just scary per se, but also because it is hard to conceive the idea of being able to construct such twisted fantasies. The mind is amazing, I need to fill mine with owe. 


  5. Gunnar, 14.Oct.2014

    I wasn’t aware of myself even when I had been awake for hours. The day was spent thinking I needed to be present, but I was in my dreams, I wasn’t with you. 


  6. Gunnar, 13.Oct.2014

    The sentences were short but the aim was to feel accepted by the other, I liked the colors, I like the coffee, I liked the skin. 



  8. Hide, 12.Oct.2014

    Sundays stand for feeling sorry about myself. About waking up too late and thinking it’s too early. Sundays are about the things I didn’t do the past month and the ones I don’t want to do but I have to. 


  9. Hide, 11.Oct.2014

    I met an old friend of mine, he takes me to listen to the underworld. We become steam and sweat and we melt over salt. We overcome the fears from the past, things will get better. 


  10. Work,10.Oct.2014

    Hands hurt and body too, I need a break and I need you. 


  11. Empty, 09.Oct.2014

    Days have been beautiful, feelings have been raw. I feel like I shouldn’t, you are the one who is wrong. 


  12. Hello Kitty, 08.Oct.2014

    I speak with my 5 year old favorite, we have many things in common. 


  13. I like the wind, 07.Oct.2014

    The city life disappears a few stations away. I like the wind, I might like it here, in the middle of nowhere. 


  14. First weekend of October, 06.Oct.2014

    Leftovers from a complicated feeling, the chance to get lost in another’s smell. I understand my place inside your body, I understand my place outside of myself. 


  15. First weekend of October, 05.Oct.2014

    I was feeling very isolated. Finally the night came.